This page deals with 2 critical aspects of the TKM Ethics Help Line, namely—
· The Whistle Blower Policy
· How to use the TKM Ethics Help Line

The Whistle Blower Policy
What is The Whistle Blower Policy?
This is a policy to -
· Report any unethical practice
· Ensure company values are always followed

Who can report?
Any of the following can use the TKM Ethics Help Line

How to report?
Any of the following 6 channels can be used to report an Ethics related issue.

Who will receive and view the issue report
An Independent Authority is retained to handle the Helpline, who will receive, review and report the issues.

What actions are taken after receipt of an ethical issue
• The Independent Authority will make a summary report to the Management of the Company (Vice Chairman and MD who are designated to receive the report).
• The matter will be reviewed by the management and then the same will be placed before the Ethics Committee for suitable action.
• Action may be further investigation or to close the issue based on the merit of the case.

How to use the TKM Ethics Help Line
The following sections outline the usage instructions for the various functionalities of the TKM Ethics Helpline.

· How to register a phone based message
· How to register an SMS based message

Phone based access to TKM Ethics Help Line-
This section outlines how to register an ethics related complaint or message or suggestion onto the Helpline using a phone. The phone could be a landline or mobile and could be from anywhere in India.

SMS based access to TKM Ethics Helpline section –
This section tells you how to register an Ethics related message via SMS. You can send the SMS from any mobile phone under any operator in India.

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